Wednesday, January 28, 2009


obviously you all have heard about the woman who gave birth to octuplets at 30 weeks. it's insane the misinformation and judgement (read: BULLSHIT) out there regarding fertility treatments.

i could launch into a diatribe about this, but after reading a fellow infertility sufferer cover this SO RIGHT ON in her blog, i will just link to her take on this.

if you aren't very familiar w/ treatments for infertility, i encourage you to read this (read: DO IT AND PASS IT ON).

that way, the octuplet parents and john & kates of this world will stop being what we're compared to. because they are the EXCEPTION to the rule. and we (and consequently, our children) won't be the punchline of insensitive and ignorant jokes. ok, i'm starting to get going about this and i said i'd leave it to busted, so i will.

::deep breaths::

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