Monday, July 20, 2009

my little super star!!

ok, i was going to wait till i could actually post these pictures, but I CAN'T WAIT. please, go check out my little bean on the insanely talented crista acosta's blog.

miss olivia had her first photo shoot on friday and damn if i didn't become addicted to it. i made a promise to this bean when i was pregnant that i would get EXCELLENT newborn photos. i didn't do a good job of choosing a wedding photographer and it still pisses me off to look at our pictures now... that's a day we will never get back and it makes me sad that we have almost no pictures we'd even want to hang in our house (imagine our heads superimposed over a LAKE. i only WISH I WAS KIDDING.) and it's not like the guy came cheap either!

well, livvy's first days are a similar time. we'll never get these little toes, chipmunk cheeks or peach fuzz back and i wanted to make sure we had someone awesome come and take the time and effort to capture her as she is now - and crista NAILED it.

i know i'm her mom, but f you guys... SHE IS ADORABLE.

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