Wednesday, December 16, 2009

remember me?

could she look LESS impressed?

so, apparently when you are five months old, your mom is UNIMPRESSIVE. never mind if she puts you in super cute outfits and let's you sneeze all over her (in my FACE people) and on and on. DADDY is where it's at.

oh, she loves her daddy. she'll laugh like a hyena at him all, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA DAH!" over and over. it's actually insanely cute.

also? she hates food. well, let me offer full disclosure. she does have a sinus infection (yeah, the sneezing in my face sounds a bit grosser now, DOESN'T IT?) and is on antibiotics, so maybe that's contributing. but she is a total fake. she whines for my fork and stares us down when we eat... so on her five-month birthday, we started cereal. she did really well the first try. subsequent tries were all huge FAILS. she shut me down hard. every time.

but look, doesn't she look like she WANTS to eat? you'd think so. but you'd be wrong.

yeah, she's staring lovingly at her dad in this picture. of course!!


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Pickles and Dimes said...

I love how serious she is. You don't mess with this bebeh!