Thursday, January 07, 2010

ah mah gah

i'm sorry! i've been preoccupied. livie has a double ear infection and tom is complaining about the messy house while wearing gray coors light pajama pants. and while i DO NOT have a picture of THAT, i do have some others:

oh HI! i am adorable and nakies except for my cute NEW BOW!

i know. it's not a christmas picture, but THIS IS:


sophie. nom!

this is what christmas eve looks like in my house:

and in other news, olivia's six month well visit is tomorrow. ok, she's not well so already we FAIL. i've been freaking out about other milestones, too.

here are some things she's "supposed" to be doing, and my comments will follow in blue:
  • rolling from back to belly and vice versa yeaaaahhh, well THANK GOD she just decided to roll from back to belly like last week. she does it all the time and then promptly pitches a fit because she hates being on her belly. has never rolled from belly to back. that i know of. eva.
  • sitting unassisted AHHAHAHAHAHA no. not even tripoding (whatever the hell that means).

and a bunch of other stuff according to and i just started ignoring it because hey, she sleeps well so WHATEVER. also? she does this:

i love water!

and a few others to make up for my horrendous lack of posting...


a new superhero... DIAPERHEAD!

and with that, i bid you good night. i need to get some sleep because remember how i said livie was a good sleeper? well that was until the giant ear infection. now she likes to wake up fifty times a night crying, puking and pooping everywhere. oh yes, and sleep only while being rocked. so i have to catch 10 minutes while i can.


Swistle said...


And I'd have to check to be sure, but I'm pretty sure mine didn't start tripoding until about 8 months.

S said...

Super cute! I got my baby niece Sophia for Christmas. Hope she likes it1

stephanie said...

Swistle, that makes me feel a LOT better. I hear all about these four-month-old wonder babies who are like running on a treadmill and my kid's like, ehhhh, i'll just chillax on this playmat, kthxbai.

Becky said...

Yeah, mine didn't even think about it until 7 months. Your nakie girl is doing just fine chilling on her playmat. Now if she could just go fetch mommy a cocktail...

stephanie said...

Yes! Lazy babies unite!