Monday, March 01, 2010


we made the (gut wrenching/totally sucky/WA) decision to change livie's daycare situation around the end of january. tom got a new job that is just not conducive to him EVER being able to assist with drop off/pick up and with my travel schedule for work well... that's just not good.

she currently goes to the center AT MY WORK. as in, she's about 250 feet away from me. as in: HEAVEN. i love this place. i love the teachers. they love her. it's bliss. (and i get a discount which: SCORE).

finding a new place in our town was like having a tooth pulled without pain relief. none of them were perfect. all of them were overpriced. SOME of them were appalling.

i was so depressed. i was almost resigned to having an only child and sending her to the ridiculously over-priced center that still didn't provide any food (unlike my very reasonably priced current center which provides breakfast, lunch and snacks for children once they're eating real food).

on a whim, i contacted a center down the street from us and popped in (with liv) for a quick tour. i LOVED it. it's bright, yet cozy. it's clean but not sterile feeling. the teachers don't give me the heebies. it's DOWN THE STREET and it's reasonably priced. AND has a little kid cafeteria where they gather to eat lunch. CUTE OVERLOAD.

so. she starts on march 15. yes, it took me six weeks to give up my current place. i cried when i told them she was leaving. they cried. i've cried SINCE then a few times and i'm still really, really sad we have to leave.

i've been trying to find a gift for her two teachers and finally i found something! i ordered them these and i hope a) they like them and b) they think of olivia and how much we appreciate how they helped me survive going back to work. it's not nearly enough, but it's something, right?

i got them both the top necklace. it has a little silver heart and and little charm that says "always" on it.

ugh. i miss them already. :(

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