Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a couple of firsts...

olivia has had some sleep regression issues lately, if you can call them that. she has been sleeping through the night (and by through the night i mean 11 hours) since she was ten weeks old. and i FELT like i never bragged about it. but people always look at you with those eyes, almost TWINKLING at the delight that you must be getting NO SLEEP and HA HA HAAAAA! so when they'd ask, fake-apologetically, "are you getting any sleep?" i'd be like YES! TONS!

i always tempered it with, "...and i'm grateful while it lasts." because i know from friends' experiences that it sometimes doesn't.

well. we had a good run. 8.5 months hit. two teeth broke through and the wheels came off the bus. ok, i'm being dramatic. but DAMN! when you've had six solid months of good sleep and then out of nowhere you're up two and three times a night for EXTENDED AMOUNTS OF TIME you feel like you're careening over a cliff!

she was prescribed a nebulizer around that same time, too. she just doesn't respond to the weaker antibiotics. which totally sucks because i've given her a solid two weeks to fight off sinus infections/ear issues herself and of course, that doesn't work. so we tried amoxicillan. ten days. NADA. now we have sinus infection, fluid in ears and WHEEZING! HOORAY!! so they prescribed a neb and FOURTEEN DAYS of augmentin. which is an ASS KICKER. i have to give her culturelle with it and on a full belly because augmentin kicks ass and takes names. poor livie.

ANYWAY, this tangent is relevant because i thought that contributed to the night waking. and it appears MOM WAS RIGHT!! because a week into the antibiotics and some motrin at night for the teething pain and my girl is (if temporarily) BACK! she's slept through the last three nights.

oh right. the title of this post is "firsts" so let's get to it, shall we?

  1. last night, as tom was getting livie changed for bed he saw it... an unfortunate side effect of the antibiotics. BLOW OUT!! can you believe this is our first blow out in her life? nine months!! so into the tub she went.
  2. she slept until almost SEVEN THIRTY this morning!!!!
and, if you've survived this novel of a post, you are rewarded with cute overload:

i love her. just a teeny bit.

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