Tuesday, June 15, 2010


  • olivia is on the move. quite quickly, i might add. i was on the verge of worrying about her gross motor skills when all of a sudden.... she's a crab crawler!
  • a week later she's crawling proper unless she's very anxious to get somewhere... then she's crab crawling like a bullet!
  • on my birthday, i walked in to find her standing in her crib. like, "what? i've been doing this in secret for months."
  • since then she's clamoring to hold your fingers so she can walk everywhere. every. where.
  • about a week ago, she decided she will clap. now she claps all the time. happy? clap! tired? clap! want more dinner? clap and yell!
  • speaking of explosions, she endured her first stomach bug last week. vomit! diarrhea! everywhere! for a week!
  • RIP adorable light pink and white polka-dotted pb kids rug. you never saw that projectile puke coming. sigh.


Sage said...

Oh no!!! She killed the rug???

Sorry :( That was a cute rug.

joven said...

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