Tuesday, June 14, 2011


these little munchkins are wearing me out!!

i'm learning that in order to eat dinner (me, not olivia) before 10pm, i need to make ahead. like while olivia's in school kind of ahead. even that won't guarantee anything, but at least i won't be STARTING to cook at 7:45pm after she's in bed. today i'm making beef tips with rice and broccoli and it's a recipe that requires being in the oven for three hours. SCORE. and olivia even EATS THIS. wahoo!!

speaking of eating, my little audrey bean is having a tough go. she went back to the pediatrician yesterday (visit number 7 in less than four weeks) and was diagnosed with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). her symptoms are freaking TEXTBOOK (frequent vomiting, persistent wheezing, difficulty/crying out while eating, gas, abdominal pain, severe hiccups) so i'm not sure why it even took this long, but whatever. we know now.

she was already on nutramigen, but the doctor switched her to alimentum since some babies respond better to the subtle difference in the formulas. she's also on zantac now. we sent a stool sample off to check for bacteria and if it comes back positive and/or she doesn't respond to the new regimen, they'll switch her to neocate and refer us to a gi specialist.

i'm hoping this does the trick. she seems to be a bit better already. sleeping quietly and breathing easier (she was sleeping very fitfully before and holding her breath, crying out, etc.) so that's good.

she's also continuing to gain weight throughout this, so that's awesome! little monkey is up to 9lbs 10oz! love that girl!!

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