Wednesday, August 23, 2006

csi: vegas, baby!!

i am obsessed. ask tom. obsessed. i'm actually not sure how long the original csi (note: i do not watch the other two -- ny and miami. they are hackers.) has been on, but i remember everyone always saying how great it is. i think i never watched it because it's on thursdays and as you all know, i'm also obsessed with friends. friends takes precedence over all else. anyway, friends is gone now (RIP, my loves) so i can concentrate on csi. i dvr all instances on every channel which means i watch about 5 episodes a day. hm. maybe i should be in therapy for this. i'll mention it on friday and see what she says. i'll let you know.
anyway! i'm experiencing PTSD. can you believe it? i thought only war vets got this. but apparently, it's applicable to a number of situations. if i call tom or melanie and they don't immediately return my call (it's completely unreasonable), i have a panic attack. J, my therapist, says that's PTSD because of how i found out my mom died. called and called her all day and just assumed that there was a dr appt i forgot about, or she was in the shower, or she was napping, or she was at price chopper. no. in fact, she was none of these places. (sorry for the sadness, but that's the whole reason i'm supposed to be writing.) tom thought i was watching too much csi and that is why i am unreasonably terrified of ordinary things. but alas, it's just my regular old crazy life. just your run of the mill post traumatic stress disorder. who. knew. more later. new episode just started.... ps? nick stokes is wikkid hot. but i love tom more.

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