Wednesday, August 23, 2006

it's a miracle!

now this may not seem all that miraculous. it's a cat. sleeping in a cat bed. but for us, it's unbelievable!!! i bought this cat bed months ago and tom gave me hell for it. waste of money; neither of them are ever going to use it, yada yada...
and as of last week, it indeed had become a home to cobwebs and not much else. i even tried to lure them with treats and catnip. no go.
so keli (the above pictured cat. i will post about simon another time so he doesn't feel left out.) had taken to sleeping in tom's big blue chair in the spare bedroom. the other day we had a cleaning frenzy of sorts and that chair was moved back into our bedroom leaving the spare room, well, kind of barren. all that's in there now is the lonely little cat bed (which i've been gearing up to sell on ebay for like a dime) and a spare car seat for hunter.
tom gets home from work last night and is all, "did you see where keli's been sleeping?!?!" i'm like, no, i'm dying of an unknown illness. isn't that more important? he rolls his eyes because he's right, i am a ridiculously big baby. but whatever, you love me, deal with it. so he continues... "in.... the.... CATBED!!!" i so didn't believe him, but lo and behold... this picture is proof. he took it this morning before he left for work.
i know. it's more excitement than you can bear. i should have posted a warning at the outset of this message. i'll try to remember that for next time.

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