Friday, August 18, 2006

wow. why did this take me so long?

seriously. how come i haven't been blogging for like 10 years already? why does it take some suffocating tragedy for me to realize a) that i should be writing and b) hi, i work online... perhaps i should WRITE ONLINE. anyway... if you're reading this, you are probably expecting me to be good at it (aw, thanks!), but please go easy on me. it may be boring or messed up or actually probably both. continue reading at your own risk.

i'm pretty excited about winning a smooth-edge pampered chef can opener on ebay the other night. those are my thoughts for today. told you it would be hot.


TJ said...

Why are you even shopping for a pampered chef can opener on ebay, and not a purse or something. So disappointing.

stephanie said...

i can only afford can openers these days. and not even full priced ones! :)