Friday, August 18, 2006


ok so i'm babysitting and quite honestly, i thought it was going to be harder than this. my friends said their little one has been crying lately at bedtime so i was gearing up for a tough night. i know i may be jinxing myself since it's only 9:10pm, but he was rubbing his eyes at 8 o'clock! i rocked him for a few minutes and put him in his crib and he actually pulled his blanket up over himself and totally zonked out. no fussing, no nothing. so, hunter and i are chillin downstairs watching a jimmy neutron marathon (missing the red sox/yankees game).
i keep checking the monitor to make sure it's working since he's been so quiet. it's one of those things where i want to go check him, but if i open his door, it'll probably wake him up, so do i dare? ugh. we'll see. ut oh. dog barking. eeek! more later.

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