Monday, September 18, 2006

ahhh fall tv!!

ok, so it's officially the beginning of fall tv!! thank god we have dvr, because now that i live with a fantasy footballer, the tv is just not mine anymore. nevermind that we have tv's in every room. i want THIS one. anyway. so, this is what i'm taping tonight:

the class: ok, it'll probably suck, but it's got andrea anders (from joey) and she's funny, so i'll give it a whirl.

studio 60 on the sunset strip: hi. like you didn't already know that i'd watch anything with matthew perry in it. but bonus that bradley whitford and amanda peet as well as several other hilarious people are also involved.

i'll let you know how it goes.

we'll miss you, sasha.

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Christine said...

I KNOW! I'm so excited. I love tv and DVR just makes it all the more enjoyable. My DVR currently contains several eps of Alias and 90210. As well as Regis and Kelly from this morning b/c Ben Affleck was on and I like to hear him talk about cute little Violet.