Saturday, September 16, 2006

sweaty mess


i can't even attempt to explain how freakin hot it was today at the football game. i'm talking mid 80s. i know, that doesn't sound so bad. and if it was july, i would perhaps have been DRESSED APPROPRIATELY. but alas, it's been chilly and rainy and so i (and hunter) had jeans on. luckily we layered enough that we did have tee shirts, and even more thankfully baseball hats to keep the sun off our faces, but it was disgusting. sopping wet sweaty jeans. sweltering sun beating on us for three hours. several bottles of water later, we were exhausted, cranky and uconn didn't even win.

but i did run into melissa brown, which was a really cool surprise since i haven't seen her in forever and brown isn't even her last name anymore, but of course i run into her when i look (and probably smell) like i live in a sewer and of course she looks lovely. how is that possible? she was sitting in the SAME SUN. hm.

tomorrow tom and i are going to kent falls and possibly hopkins vineyard. i've checked the forecast and know that it will be 85 degrees, so i will be prepaaaaared (are you ready to take the leeeeeeheeeeed?!).

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