Friday, September 15, 2006

but let's keep in mind...

that it's friday. i have to keep reminding myself because this is a rushed, busy, cranky day. it's 1:45pm already and i still need to publish an entire newsletter and submit it to the underlords for indexing. it's my nemesis at work and i will not utter it's name, but christine, if you are reading, YOU KNOW(tor).

also, we have company coming tonight, in addition to a hunter sleepover, so i cleaned the guest bathroom, did laundry and attempted to vacuum. (one c and two u's or the other way around? whatever.) So, i accidentally vacuumed up one of tom's socks. and it got stuck in the hose. so i unhooked the hose and tried to force the sock through with a golf club (sorry, tom) but it wouldn't budge! so i was faced with the reality that if i didn't get the sock out, the vacuum was history. i could try to cut the hose and pull the sock out, but there was a chance that i wouldn't be able to seal the cut afterwards, thus making the vacuum useless. what did i have to lose? it was possible death one way, but certain death the other. so i performed careful vacuum surgery and rescued the sock. then i got to the business of taping the hole shut. results: SUCCESS!!! but that took up a lot of my day.

i put on too much perfume and now i'm nauseating myself. i have to run out to pick up stuff to make a veggie plattter and dip for tomorrow and potato salad and mail a dvd that someone bought from us off ebay. and i need to leave for therapy at 4:15, then haul ass to get to kindercare from new haven by 6:30 or they lock hunter in for the weekend. or something.

it's a pizza night, my friends.

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