Friday, September 01, 2006

my new face.

whenever someone is pissing me off from now on, i am just going to hold up this picture. this was hunter's response to my millionth picture of him getting ready to board the bus on wednesday.

in other news, we went to the first uconn football game last night. the weather was perfect and the game was fun. though i spent most of it trying to figure out if the cheerleaders with the white bows were varsity or the ones with the red bows. turns out, it was white bows. thanks to heather for that new knowledge.

also, i am still waiting on peapod. they aren't late. they have an hour and a half to get here, i'm just so damned excited.

in OTHER news, since we went to the game, i dvr'ed the VMAs. just in case something cool happened. justin timberlake was awesome. i am NOT ashamed to admit i love him. but, of course i was not prepared for christina aguilera (chrissy ags). way to make a motherless girl weep. i downloaded it so i can listen to it on the way to therapy today and bawl my eyes out. some of the lyrics:

seems like it was yesterday that i saw your face.
you told me how proud you were, but i walked away.
if only i knew what i know today.
i would hold you in my arms. i would take the pain away,
thank you for all you've done, forgive all your mistakes.
there's nothing i wouldn't do to hear your voice again.
sometimes i wanna call you, but i know you won't be there.
i'm sorry for blaming you
for everything i just couldn't do.

it's so hard to say goodbye when it comes to this.
would you tell me i was wrong? would you help me understand?
are you looking down upon me? are you proud of who i am?

dude, they gotta warn a girl before they sing shit like this. MTV gets the hunter face for that one.

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