Monday, September 25, 2006

she's just so cute.

i can't stand it!!!

i'm just too tired to write more tonight, so i'm thinking i'll just jot down a list of things that have happened over the past week or few days. btw, can you believe it's almost OCTOBER!? erin's birthday is very soon. then halloween, then the slew of november birthdays. holy moses. it's practically the holidays. boo. i mean, i love the holidays, but i'm really apprehensive about the lack of mom. i will be missing her even more, if that's possible. ok, now without further ado, my list:

  • i loved the premiere of grey's. of course i cried. BOTH times i watched it.
  • sleeve is the best golfer tom's ever known
  • hunter hates his antibiotic, and thinks bats are scarier than phantoms
  • tom's dad got a kick ass tractor (aka lawn mower) that actually has a CUP HOLDER
  • we're finally getting a desk for me, yay!
  • there is a pazzo in rocky hill and it's so good.
  • la boca has wicked spicy salsa, but wicked good tequila
  • hunter loves his new karate class, as does melanie—heh
  • tom is sick and all phlegmy
  • you can download your own handwriting as a font!
  • i've officially added edward burns to my list. damn his model wife.

1 comment:

Christine said...

What prompted the addition of Ed Burns? The last time I saw him was on Entourage this season.

I totally want to fontify my handwriting but it requires a scanner and I am not important enough to have one.

You will make it through the holidays, I promise. : )