Wednesday, September 27, 2006

decorating cents?

so i am really tired of our boring blah bedroom decor. i don't know what i was thinking buying a tan (striped, but still. the stripes are just darker tan) duvet cover. the dust ruffle (yes, i need one because i store a bunch of useless crap under the bed) is a chocolate brown, which i actually like, but our walls are white (and we can't paint) and our carpet is tan and we have no curtains -- just blinds. BORING. oh and let's not forget the lone print in our room -- black and white. which looked great in my copper living room at my old place, but here, in the land of blah? not so much.


i'm inspired to create a fabric headboard and matching curtains. but, here are the tools i lack:
  • a staple gun
  • good scissors
  • a tape measure
  • sewing machine (not nec. for the headboard, but nec. for the curtains)

so, if i can find a staple gun for a reasonable price, i'll definitely attempt the headboard. the fabric store down the street is going out of biz, so everything's like half price. but who knows... i get all excited and then never finish the project. we'll see.

i did frame a nice piece of hunter's artwork in the kitchen and it looks so cute. what a very cool and cheap way to spice up a spare room, bathroom or kitchen! yeah, i need to get out more. i know.

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Brett said...

design on a dime! are you asking for your own tlc show or what?