Tuesday, October 03, 2006

back on track.

so i started counting points again this week and thank god. it's never a good sign when you start digging out the fat pants. i've only been lifetime at ww for 6 months. COME ON!!

that said, tom is on his way home with a 6-pack of sam light. apparently we need to have a little happy hour. his commute sucks.

in other news, i repotted a bunch of plants over the last few days. my mom would be so proud. actually, unless she had the ability to watch me with some secret heaven x-ray vision, she wouldn't believe me that i repotted plants. because i? kill plants and throw them away. another thing she wouldn't believe is that i actually cleaned my coffee maker. i remember fighting with her about how you really don't need to run vinegar through it every once in awhile to clean it. well, yesterday i opened the lid (mind you, i've had this thing for over 7 months) and it says "clean every month. see instructions for details." hm.

so i dig out the instructions (she also wouldn't believe that i actually kept the instructions.) and they specifically state that one should run vinegar through the machine once a month to clean out some sort of deposits. whoops. mom, i am sorry i doubted you. i really am. you are a mom and you know better. i also wish i would have listened to you when you tried to show me how to fold a fitted sheet. because i still can't do it, and i can't call you to ask you how. and that sucks worse than tom's commute. which is saying a lot.

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