Monday, October 02, 2006

happy birthday, erin!

went to boston saturday for erin's 31st birthday. whee! i don't know why, but both times i've gone and stayed there, i've had the worst hangover of my life the next morning. actually, that's a lie. i know exactly why. because i mixed beer, wine and cocktails. bad move.

but we did get vip treatment at this little club we went to after dinner. skip the line, through the velvet rope. so fancy. except we didn't really like the club so we left. after sleeping till 11:30am yesterday, we had pancakes and watched a little beverly hills cop, then i came home. ahh. nice weekend.

OH. i watched hunter's karate class on saturday morning. it was so freakin cute i can't even explain it. i will take pictures next time. he's the only "high" white belt in his class, so he needs to practice bustin some boards to move up. he basically jumps around like he's a spring the whole time. it's adorable.

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