Friday, October 13, 2006

busy and unimportant.

apologies for being MIA lately. i have been so busy with work and other stuff that i've completely forgotten to blog. so you would think i'd have all sorts of exciting news to blog about. not really.

my car is at the shop gettin all gussied up for winter. for the price of a long weekend in vegas. damn it.

i am pissed because they moved the trash compactor to the back of our apt complex and now i have to walk like a quarter of a mile (in the snow, uphill, both ways) to take out the garbage. bullshit, dudes.

and kevin federline on csi? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA — seriously. that's my review.

also? simon keeps making this weird noise. like he's scarfing something in his throat. it's scaring me. it's like a scary movie noise. except instead of a knife wielding psychopath making it, it's my 8lb fluffball mute of a cat.
scary simon

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