Sunday, October 15, 2006

help me help you.

ok, i have a task for all of you. (haha, "all"... jen, christine and jan.) think of some stuff your mom has taught you. things you only know because you learned them from your mom. my earlier examples were how often to clean out your coffee maker, how to fold a fitted sheet and how to make the best thanksgiving stuffing known to meat eaters. it can be a quick list, or a story or whatever. it doesn't have to be moving or sad -- it could be something like how to sew a button or how to tame a cowlick. OR it could be something (like the fitted sheet example) that you didn't learn from her when you had the chance, but wish you did. and now you have to teach yourself and that's just a little thing i like to call bullshit. hear me, mom? BULLSHIT. ahem. where was i? oh yes. it could be something like a bad habit she had that you learned not to copy, as well.

this isn't because i'm a glutton (i am, but this isn't why i ask for your help.) i'm thinking of writing a short story to submit to a magazine and i think this might be a cool topic. "what i learned from my mom." dudes, there are SO many levels to that statement. it's all very awesome. we can appreciate who they are, who they were and how they impacted who we are. for better or worse.

and if you can't bring your lazy selves to jot down a damned list for me (or, if you can't bring yourself to open up this pandora's box "can open. worms everywhere!") maybe you can just tell me what you think of this idea in general. would you read it?

check me out. i'm a creative writer again. where have i been hiding all this time?!?!

OH also? i am a baker, too. check out my suzy homemaker banana bread. tom is like so lucky. he don'even KNOW!
delicious banana bread


Brett said...

i read your blog too--it's more than just 3 people.
also, i have to say, that box behind the "home made" banana bread is awfully suspect...

stephanie said...

Hey, that box is a box of CIDER DONUTS not a bread mix, dude. i had to buy baking powder. i am hard core.