Sunday, October 08, 2006

indian summer?

hunter in the pumpkin patch
it's october, right? am i supposed to be sweating whilst pumpkin hunting?!

today, mel and i took hunter to lyman orchards to go pumpkin picking. it was PACKED. after we waited a half hour for cider donuts, cider and a candy apple, the cashier said it's because it's columbus day weekend. oh. whoops.

so then we stood in line for a half hour to take a hay ride. around the parking lot, basically. but it was fun.

then we picked out pumpkins. it was more of a pile of pumpkins than a patch, but we're going to explore other patches as we get closer to halloween. there were tons of gourds and corn and other awesome fall stuff, just not the pumpkin patch we were really looking for.

anyway. happy long weekend to those of you (like me. ha.) who have one.

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