Friday, October 06, 2006

i am still deskless.

it's a sad, sad state of affairs. still no desk. i will show tom. i will just go frivolously buy a lovely and expensive desk. HA. that'll show him. um. that i am retarded with money. ok, maybe not.

i am on a popcorn streak. i grated some parmesan cheese on it tonight. delightful. ok ok ok... did i even POST about lost yet??? some people were saying it wasn't so great, but i loved it. i love the whole little universe on the island and i love the aquarium and bear cages (thanks to jen's smart observation that sawyer's little cage may have previously been home to POLAR BEARS!!!). i just love that show. i love tv so much since it takes my mind off my problems. for example, god BLESS american idol. how it saved us this past winter while we were picking up the pieces of our sad little shattered hearts. actually, it's not the first time our hearts had been shattered, so they were more like pointy shards of hearts. anyway.

so i'm now also at the loving point of dancing with the stars. now, what i mean by loving point is that i don't watch the show from the very beginning. i don't care at that point and there are two many damned couples. i started watching this week... there were six left and that's a more reasonable number for me to choose my favorites from. i hate the country singer. she looks like a cadaver. how dare she dance to a phantom song? she is like a monkey stabbing a tiger in the back with a stick. (oh yes, i love the office, too.) i would like ac slater, but his partner looks like a dirty little rat. i like emmitt smith because he's way better than jerry rice was and i LOVE his partner, cheryl. she's the best. i think i'm rooting for (and i can't believe i'm going to say this) joey lawrence. and his sexy bald head.

hm. what else? oh, planning my next peapod order. my life is TOO EXCITING!!!!!!!!

eta: fa-shion show. fa-shion show. fa-shion show at lunch!

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