Wednesday, November 15, 2006


i just realized i haven't written in three days. which means not a lot is going on. the leasing-office-extravaganza project outside my office window update: they are now pouring a lot of cement into a giant hole. what else... jan MAY be pregnant with the world's largest baby. we shall see. i took keli to the vet this morning for her skin rash. i have to give her prednisone pills. she is morphing into my mom! except the vet said for a middle-aged cat, she is in excellent health. yay! i may celebrate by getting a manicure. for me, not keli.

OH YEAH! almost forgot!!! FINALE OF DANCING TONIGHT!!! go emmitt!
vote for emmitt!!!


Christine said...

How great was Emmitt Hammer? LOVED IT!

Anonymous said...

Steph- just checked out your site - cool!... but I like Mario (good thing we're not roommates anymore - it'd be like a Duke-UConn bball game!)