Thursday, November 16, 2006

mario? is a crybaby.

if i hear one more time about his "other commitments" i'm going to punch him in the dimple. dude, if you are so busy and important YOU WOULDN'T BE ON THIS SHOW IN THE FIRST PLACE.

that said? yay, to my true champions! also, the funniest thing i heard tom's mom say last night during the crowning of my true champions was about karina, mario's hag of a partner... "ew, she's ugly anyway." i love you, mrs. wright.

christine makes a good point in the comments section... mario DID cheat on his wife. which make me like him even less than his fake attitude and headbands did.


Christine said...

Go Emmitt! Mario, you cheated on your wife and that is why no one likes you.

Brett said...

i never watch this show. but i am so glad that ac slater lost. he was the worst. remember his jheri curl? and how he always called zack "preppie." he seriously pissed me off. and i swear he was a member of that band the jets. "you found out i have a crush on you..."