Friday, December 01, 2006


today i'm annoyed. and it's december which equals christmas so i do NOT want to be annoyed. thus, i may go to the christmas tree shop to conquer the annoyingness. though, that may only infuriate me further. i'm sure it'll be packed. we'll see. i don't know if i'll have time since i have to see J today at 3pm. i didn't see her last week because of the holiday. maybe i'll just yell at her for an hour. who knows.
i'm pretty angry with abc. they pulled the nine out from under me just like that. no warning, no trying a different time slot or night, just pulled it. i'm so pissed. i really LIKE that show. it's like party of five all over again, when they first started, it got pulled for poor ratings and we, the viewers, had to rally and send a zillion emails (well, i don't think i emailed much in 92 or whatever) so they'd put it back on the air. scott wolf, you are the common thread here... get this show back on. i miss it. this is my grown up christmas wiiiiiish. haha not world peace or anything. my wish is to have a tv show put back on the air. i'm ridiculous.
also, tom, ily.

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