Tuesday, December 05, 2006

i don't even remember

the last thing i wrote here. i didn't go to the site first to check my blog before posting today. i just realized i hadn't written in like days, dudes, so here i am! to save the day! or not. maybe rather to complain about work. work sucks. ok, done with that. i miss my christmas tree. i'm in valhalla today and my tree is in middletown. that makes me sad. anyway.
yesterday tom picked up his new ride. i have serious car envy. my jalopy stinks, man. we are going to buy groceries tonight and utilize the magnificent abyss that is the back of the jeep. it's so big. i mean, it's not a tank, but compared to my civic, the grand cherokee is enormous. and i can already picture my little german shorthair pointer, sammy, wagging her little tail at me from the way back. she's imaginary right now, but someday maybe she'll be real. but she can't be real until i have a real backyard for her to run around in all day. now that i think about it, a lot of my life is imaginary right now. which could either be determined as depressing or terribly exciting. i'm going to opt for exciting. the best is yet to come!
i still miss my tree, though.

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