Monday, December 18, 2006

the countdown is on.

i'm kind of sad. christmas is in a week. then it's over. i love christmas and i don't want to take down the decorations or the tree. ever. tom promised we could keep them up until new year's day, but i fear i may cry. well i cry all the time, so whatever.
so, we discovered last night that if you are ever in doubt for gifts, GO TO WALGREENS! we (and by we, i mean tom) got a ton of gift cards for his co-workers and some other VIPs from every imaginable store. they have every dollar amount for places like amex, omaha steaks, pier one, b&n, outback steakhouse, on the border, bass fishing pro shop, -- seriously dudes, like EVERYWHERE. so cool. and it makes wrapping a snap. ahhh! we did get a bunch of actual gifts to be wrapped. and i'm out of ribbon, so back to joann's i go! i think one hunter meigs donohue is going to be a very pleased little boy this christmas morning. he'll have scads of gifts everywhere he goes! it's so easy to shop for him, even when you're "done" because it's just fun to buy stuff. we almost bought him the clapper last night because the other day he said he wanted to make it easier for his mom at bedtime. SO CUTE. and where can one buy the clapper? walgreens, of course!

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