Tuesday, December 19, 2006


mel and mr. chaunce
i had to steal this blog post from my sister. it's just so funny and SO melanie...
so the last couple of weeks poor chauncey has gotten neglected. on top of the fact that i fight with him all the time about going in my bed, which is his favorite thing, hunter and i have been coming right home and going right to bed after work because we were both sick...chauncey didn't like it...then we started christmas shopping so this whole weekend i was in and out, and he got no love....so last night he decided he was hungry for some cat treats, went into my cabinet and ate a hole in the bottom of the bag...cat treats from one end of my little house to the other...chauncey just meandering about eating a treat every couple of steps...oh, life is wonderful =-)
oh mister chaunce.

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