Monday, December 11, 2006

what a blur!

let's see. i have like an entire week to recap. i don't think much happened wednesday, but thursday was tom's xmas party for work, so i took the train into westport and we headed over to south norwalk... his party was at the loft! hello memories. so i met a bunch of the people i hear about all the time and it was fun. the food was great and the martinis were free. yay!
friday i didn't do much... i did watch tom's soccer game which was hilarious. hilarious. that's all i'll say.
saturday we loaded up the jeep and headed to long island for kyle's christening. i have a picture of tom (the godfather!) holding him at church, so i'll upload that. church was freeeeezing, but dinner was good. notice a theme here? i'm loving all the free food lately. ha. which leads me to yesterday. joan's annual latke fest.
i have to say, the latkes weren't as good as last year, but the brisket was awesome. on our way home, we drove through ridgefield, etc. and admired all the big houses and their christmas lights. then we got home, finally, to two angry cats and some puke on the kitchen floor. oh yeah, speaking of puke, kyle puked on tom's shoulder at dinner saturday night. ahhh formula puke. so gross.
one last thing, congratulations to brett and emily! new homeowners and just in time for christmas! get to deckin those halls, kid!

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Brett said...

i probably never told you this, but we went to the loft last year for new year's eve. so random. and we were too old.

and thanks for the shout out on the house. my goal is to get a tree by thursday. ok, maybe friday?