Friday, June 08, 2007

wkrp in cincinnati

ok, who's checkin me out from ohio dudes? show yourself! ok, if you don't want to, i will respect your privacy. i'm just excited that i may have a lone visitor who isn't someone i force to read this. ha!

tomorrow i'm off to jen and mike's. i had to work SO LATE tonight. i'm consoling myself w/ a (ok, 2 glasses) of wine and some vanilla frozen yogurt. and dvds. tom's at a bachelor party this weekend so i must keep myself entertained. no, i'm not wearing my wedding dress, but i really want to. i am not ashamed. :) i know i should be.

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S said...

Hi. I'm the Cincinnati visitor. I forget how I found you. I'm getting married next May so right now I'm all about people who talk about weddings.