Monday, August 27, 2007

ring ring ring!

wahoo! with just under 9 weeks to go, we bought our wedding rings! seriously, tom tried on about 70 million of them.

no joke.

who even KNEW there were that many to choose from!?!? at any rate, it was a lot of fun and scarily, may have only just whet my appetite for more sparkly treasures. though, after this gig, i'm pretty sure all my presents will come from a bubble gum machine or a cereal box.

oh well!!!! i can't wait for them to get here. except. i will have to make tom hide them (obviously in a theft-proof safe, for all you robbers out there) on me so i don't just wear mine around the house. HOW CAN YOU NOT?!?!

sigh! 67 days to go!

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