Friday, August 31, 2007

well it's aBOUT freakin time!

the invitations.............................................................. ARE FINALLY FREAKING HERE. seriously, dudes, i was thinking i was going to have to send out an evite. of course they conveniently arrived after 5pm on friday of a holiday weekend, so i can't even get THEM WEIGHED UNTIL TOMORROW. and we have the krueg's wedding tomorrow, so i can't be a stamping fool for ten hundred invitations before 11am because well... i'm not a morning person, ALRIGHT?

but at least they are here and they are awesome. and? though we painstakingly proofed the guest list about 7 million and 47 times before we sent them off to be printed, we still ended up with a Mr. & Mrs. _____ and were informed that yep, they're divorced now.

can't i just cross the non-family half off?? oh well. another envelope down. that's a bitch.


Brett said...

the kruegs?? please tell me their wedding card was freddy krueger in a heart.

by the way--we did this whole invitation thing a month or so ago for a huge party we threw for my parents. i made the divorced or remarried mistake at least 3 times. and one bitch had the nerve to call me out on it. i told i was sorry and if she was that offended, she didn't have to come. seriously, some of my family is white trash.

stephanie said...

yes, their last name is krueger, but sadly, no freddy krueger in a heart. i should have made that for their wedding card. just like i wanted to make you the afro love card. damn me and my lazy ass.