Wednesday, September 26, 2007

hello hello

things are getting busy the closer we get to The Day. we met with our dj last night to go over a final Play/Do Not Play list and should i be worried that most people's Do Not Play list is our Must Play?
i mean, who doesn't like humpty dance!? and baby got back? COME ON PEOPLE! lighten up! this baby does indeed got back, so why not celebrate it by wearing a poufy dress, crinoline AND a bustle to accentuate it -- and dancing to sir mix a lot?
but i am woefully behind on some stuff. small stuff, but stuff all the same. when, you ask, was i suppose to deliver ribbon to the cake baker? oh, probably two months ago. dude, shut up. they HOPEFULLY don't need it till they bake the cake which hi, shouldn't be until november 2 at the EARLIEST.
also, i met with the florist last week and was supposed to give her two bouquet lockets with pictures of my parents in them and that was a task i just didn't get through yet. again, shut up. i know i've had nine months to go through the horrifying process of sifting through old pictures and memories of my parents and me at five years old in a picture tom lovingly refers to me as "chubby and not cute" but still. it makes me miss them, then i cry, then i punch tom for calling me fat and it's just not a good scene.
so i need to still do that.
first fitting is tomorrow. oh god. please. please let the dress fit. PLEASE!!!

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