Tuesday, October 02, 2007


ok, so our response deadline for the wedding is tomorrow. can i just throw it out there that MOST of my family hasn't even responded? i am pretty much assuming it means none of them are coming, which is pretty much expected, but hi, AT LEAST TELL ME. if you can't be bothered to check "decline" and throw the pre-stamped postcard (you don't even have to seal an envelope -- IT'S THAT EASY!) in the mailbox, just call me, email me, send a smoke signal -- carrier pigeon, SOMETHING.

ok, fine. maybe i'll have 32 response cards waiting in my mailbox tonight. maybe. but i DOUBT IT.

if i do get all of them by tomorrow, i'll eat shrimp. (i hate shrimp.) THAT is how confident i am that we'll have to make phone calls. i guess this happens to everyone but it still sucks and it's my wedding so i can bitch if i want to. bitch if i want to................

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