Wednesday, September 05, 2007

potato chips

=my eyes. i'm so freakin tired. why haven't i written in almost a week? dude, i haven't even had time to vaccum the 18 pounds of cat hair (no, the carpet isn't gray by choice. simon is, however.) saturday morning i ran to the post office at 8am to weigh the invitations and get stamps. ok, so our response cards are postcards so we can use the cheaper postcard stamp. the lady at the post office was like, "you aren't going to like them." um, what are they? BLUE PANTHERS. after the laughing subsided i was like seriously? i so don't f'ing care what the STAMP LOOKS LIKE. also? i kind of like panthers. remember thunder cats? just saying.
anyway, she says the outer envelope is the 58 cent one and pulls out the little heart wedding stamps. i asked if she had any others (because sorry, but that's just a little too girly for me.) and she said, "yes, but you aren't going to like them." i assured her i would. she whipped them out and they were pictures of ella fitzgerald's head. i went with the heart stamps.
so i stamped and stuffed like a fiend until 9:45, then took a shower and we left for the krueg's wedding. i realized after we left the house that i forgot my ring and we had to go back and get it. whoops. wedding was great. but we didn't get home until pretty late (my name is kate. get me a plate.)
sunday, we got up early to go to long island for tom's godson's first birthday (shut up, of COURSE i got him a duplo set.) and didn't end up getting home from THERE until late. when i stmaped and stuffed the rest of the envelopes.
monday, we chilled at the beach. it was awesome. but again, home late and i was so crankified. i haven't even had time to do laundry. not that i LIKE it, but come on.
yesterday, i had an early meeting at work, so tom mailed the invitations (holla! thank you pete for our FIRST RESPONSE CARD!!!) and i had hunter after work and, yep, you guessed it, didn't get home until late last night aaaaaaand had an off site meeting at 8:30am in springfield today that included a dinner and i didn't get home TONIGHT until almost 10pm so shut your asses up about the posting. our cats must think we just stop by once in a while to feed them.
tomorrow, back to springfield, but i'm busting out at 4pm because i have an appt w/ joan at 6 and should be home around 8pm... at which time, i will promptly die from exhaustion.
in wedding related news... other than the invites, i am just too damned busy and tired to do anything else this week so suck it.


Pickles & Dimes said...

I remember being so stressed about the invites. The day we finally mailed them was such a huge relief.

And our RSVP response date has passed us by and we still haven't heard from over 50 people - argh! I don't want to make phone calls, but I also don't want to pay for food if people aren't showing up.

stephanie said...

UGH, that's what I'm afraid of. The slacker faction. I'm totally going to call them up and be like hi, HOW HARD IS IT TO CHECK A BOX AND PUT IT IN THE MAIL?? we need a dick in the box video for response cards.