Friday, October 05, 2007

damn work "rules"

so the only computer i have is my work laptop. and they won't let me install ANYTHING on it. not even my home printer, let alone my camera software. install it on tom's laptop, you say? ok, i know this joke is lame by now but seriously? the commodore 64 is faster. no wait, hunter's spiderman FAKE laptop is faster. sorry, tom.
so there are various reasons this sucks, but the most recent is i had my hair and makeup trial last night. and my pretty pictures are going to live on my camera for life. (or until we break down and buy a desktop for me for home.)
in other news, i definitely will NOT be eating any sort of shrimp. here we are, two days past the deadline and 18 non-responders. i've decided to wait until monday to release the hounds.
tomorrow is my shower. i'll take lots of pictures that i can't share with you. i'm sure you're looking forward to it!
and speaking of the shower... what the hell do i wear? i know it's october and i live in new england, so you would THINK that means it's getting cold. au contraire. it's like i live in TEXAS since yesterday was like 80 degrees and today is supposed to be warmer. wtf?! do i wear a f'ing sundress??? WHATEVER.


Tessie said...

I cannot talk about the weather or someone is going to be grievously injured. Fucking Texas.

stephanie said...

dude, at least it's kind of SUPPOSED to be warm there. I'M IN CONNECTICUT FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!