Sunday, October 07, 2007

if you can't realize that this is awesome?

then you need awesome lessons.
my shower was yesterday and omg. it was SO FREAKING AWESOME. this picture pretty much sums up the day:
my awesome shower hat
the girls had it at the wood'n tap in a private room. with a BAR. complete with bartender. do they know me or what??? it was so much FUN.
and look. even my mom and dad showed up. melanie got this little tiny picture of them from a photo booth on their honeymoon in cape cod -- in 1974, blown up and placed it on the mantle at the shower. so fucking awesome.
my cutie parents
and the best part is? people said i look like my mom. oh mom, i HOPE you heard that. my whole life everyone always said i look just like my dad. she would be DELIGHTED to hear otherwise. she, afterall, DID do all the hard work. :)
oh and also? they played the best shower music ever. a little beastie boys, a little humpty dance... hunter and i practiced our auntie/nephew dance to talk dirty to me. (no, pervs, we're not dancing to that at the wedding. we're dancing to you've got a friend in me.)
getcha groove on, child.
this day was definitely in my top 10 of best days ever.
thank you, Bridal Crew. you completely ROCK.
me and mah bitches


Tess said...

Ha! Awesome lessons.

I had a stock-the-bar shower before my wedding, I am STILL drinking the crap I got.

stephanie said...

OOOH stock the bar. that is SUCH a good idea!! [insert drunk hiccup]

kirida said...

Wow, how fun and classy. I have been to way too many skanky showers.