Friday, October 26, 2007

let the madness begin

ok, it's close enough to the wedding that some asshole said "oooh your 10 day forecast is up!" I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. but of course i checked and so far, so good. for those of you not in the northeast, it's been crazily warm (holla back global warming!) this fall -- like in the 70-80 range. of course, on my wedding day, one week from now, "they" are predicting a high of 46. hold up... what!? but whatever. checking the forecast is just not a productive use of my time. or sanity. my sister has strep throat. i have my doctor on stand-by with a bad-ass antibiotic prescription and in the meantime, i've left some antioxidant tea on her doorstep and i'm pumping myself full of airborne (the orange isn't so bad! thank you, second grade teacher/inventor!) and vitamin c pills.

i'm also obsessed with foliage reports. because, if the weather is decent, we'd like to get some outside pictures. i know you are all DYING for a chart, so here you go:

yes, i'm stone cold crazy.
ok, as you'll see illustrated above, we are in FULL ON PEAK SEASON. do you think it will last a week? maybe, but just in case, i've booked the atrium at city hall in hartford as a back up. because yes, i am that anal.

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