Wednesday, October 24, 2007

single digits, people.

the wedding is in NINE days. game 1 of the series is tonight.

cue: emotional breakdown.

in other news, tom has worked REALLY hard to turn my nephew into a sox fan. not that he was a fan of any other baseball team when he moved here at the age of 4, but tom insisted that we train him young. ok, fine. well, at first, hunter thought it would be HILARIOUS to shout "YANKEES RULE!" just to send tom into convulsions. i thought it was funny. he was clearly just saying it to get a reaction, but tom was very serious. "this is how it starts, stephanie."
after almost two years of red sox caps and tee shirts and tee ball, hunter has decided that he wants to be big papi when he grows up.
he came home from school the other day and said to tom, "i learned a new song." ok, please, sing, dear child...
"red sox rule, red sox rule. red sox go to college while yankees go to baby school!"
i said, "hunter, that is a teasing song," but i saw a small tear of joy forming in the corner of tom's eye.

mission accomplished.
sox and husky fans unite!


Tessie said...

Oh, man. I am NOT mentioning that song. I NEVER SAW THIS!

stephanie said...

it was freaking priceless. i seriously don't know how i'm going to be a parent. i laugh at all the inappropriate stuff All The TIME.

hello insomnia said...

oh men, so emotional.