Thursday, October 11, 2007

seasons change

finally!!! it's cooler out. but it's also sucky out. and yes, i bitch a lot. get over it. ok, i'm sorry. i haven't had much caffeine today yet. but seriously, it's like doomsday out there. all gray and misty. and also? apparently when the highway is even almost moist (ew.) all hell breaks loose and people bust out their chains and snow tires. COME THE F ON. it's not like we aren't used to changing weather here, people. relax one time.
we got a coffee grinder at the shower and i'm scared of it. i seriously am afraid it'll grind my fingers or something equally ridiculous. yet, i want freshly ground coffee. what to do?
ok, on to wedding news. hahahahahha you seriously thought i'd get through an entire post without mentioning the wedding (which, btw, is 22 days away)??? oh, naive reader. anyway!
my sister and i made 50 of our 80ish placecard holders last night. they are wine corks laid out the long way, with a groove cut out for the card to sit in and a penny glued to the bottom to keep the cork from rolling. ok, when you write it out like that it sounds like a first grade project (minus the super glue and sharp knife necessary to create said project), but they are cute.
hey, i have a question... do i make a card for every individual guest? or can i put couples on one card? melanie and i are leaning toward one per couple. don't worry, i have a favor for every single guest (i'm not THAT cheap. well, almost.) let me know what you think.
what else, what else? oh yes, our non-responders are down to 8. tomorrow their wedding fates are decided BY ME if they don't get back to me on their own by then.


S said...

I like the wine cork idea. I'm planning to do one place card per couple/family.

Tessie said...

I like that cork thing! One per couple, OBVIOUSLY. That sounds like too much work as it is.

Christine said...

couples get one card, singles get their own!


Anonymous said...

yes, i say one per couple...only because my fingers are raw from superglue =)

stephanie said...

heh. YAY for one per couple. "anonymous," thank you for your wisdom! ;)