Friday, November 30, 2007

i'm alive! sort of...

no, i didn't die in the heaven that is the new bed. almost. it's beyond description, it's THAT awesome. although it's sort of, um, high? when we were buying it, the sales guy sold us on a lot of bullshit that we probably didn't need... like the mattress cover (hi, your 10 year warranty on a bed that cost well over a grand is NULL and VOID if you don't have a mattress cover? wtf? fine, whatever, we'll buy it), so by the time we got to the box spring, we were like getmeoutofhere. anyway, the guy asked us if we wanted the "low" box spring instead of the normal size one. my first question, "IS IT MORE MONEY??" no, it's the same. why would we want a low box spring? i don't get it. so we were like, nah, we'll stick with um, the normal one.

well he didn't explain really that we'd need a SPRINGBOARD to catapult ourselves onto the bed because the mattress itself is like 8 feet thick. anyway, it's like princess and the pea. or something.

anyway. on to more interesting topics. like my husband. a little bit ago, i went into the kitchen to make a grilled cheese (i'm working from home because i'm sick. which is why i'm "sort of" alive. i have a double ear infection. what f'ing grown up gets a single, let alone DOUBLE ear infection??) and noticed our cereal bowls in the sink. mine with a normal sized spoon. tom's with a SERVING SPOON.

now, i know this silverware (or flatware or whatever the hell it's called) is new, but this is CLEARLY not an eating utensil. don't believe me?

my normal, eating spoon is on the right. the serving spoon tom used to eat FROOT LOOPS with is on the left. if you are still not convinced, here is a shot of them next to my not teeny tiny hand for size comparison:

i guess i should consider him resourceful -- fewer bites means less time sitting idly eating cereal watching the morning tv. wait, WHY would you want to speed that up??


hello insomnia said...

I think I would just eat more cereal with a spoon that big. I'm not complaining, though.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Ha ha - that is just like Jason and I! He always uses the gigantic spoons and I use the regular ones, which he calls the "kid spoons."

But they're not.

rainman said...

Any man worth is salt knows that the one on the left is the cereal/icecream spoon and the one on the right is the yogurt/grapefruit spoon. Really, if yogurt cups weren't so small, the one one the left would just be The Spoon.

stephanie said...

Seriously, it's NOT a spoon. It's a serving utensil. I swear. It came as part of a serving set!!!

mom of the year said...

YAY! New blogger friend! Saw your over at whoneedssleep. LOVE picture posts, especially about hubbies. Ummm, yeah - what is up with the spoon/damn-near-ladle???