Tuesday, December 11, 2007

squid ammo!!!

what a freakin slacker i am. nearly two weeks without a post. i blame messing with texas. she shamed me for only having 15 blogs in my google reader, so i ventured out...read more...added a ton more and now ALL I HAVE TIME TO DO IS READ. which i suppose isn't fair. i'm lazing around, reading everyone else's blog and totally not contributing. well, i comment -- does that count for anything!? probably not. listen, i'm lazy. i know my husband reads this. comment tom, and TELL THEM how lazy i am.

anyway, i worked at a Certain Big Toy Store this weekend to help educate our consumers on the total awesomeness of buying our product over some other lame-o biter brand and fell in love with this totally random (to me, because i don't have any of the accompanying product line) accessory:
squid ammo. or snot. you decide.

it's seriously called squid ammo. it's all rubbery and snotty and i love it. so i bought some. again, i have NO USE for this. i don't have the weapon with which to fire said squid ammo, but i have seven pieces of it regardless.

in other news, it's officially two weeks till christmas. i've got about oooooh 92% of my shopping LEFT to do. how about you? i'm sure you're all finished, have it wrapped and mailed out and all that. we've received several holiday cards already. hi, real-life friends? please excuse us, tom and i haven't even finished our thank you cards from november. no christmas cards this year. HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE SLACKER FAMILY!!

our wedding was 11/3. am i a total asshole for not having the cards done yet? please say no. i still have like 80 left.


Tessie said...

Dude, I did not SHAME you, I was wondering who they were. I am the one who needs to be shamed with my 90 subscriptions.

You BOUGHT the squid ammo? But...WHY?

stephanie said...

because it was a DOLLAR. and i'll buy anything for a dollar.