Wednesday, December 12, 2007

have any of you been to london?

i'm going in february (yes, i realize that is PEAK WEATHER) and tom's meeting me at the end of my conference for a long weekend in london. the thing is... WHERE SHOULD WE STAY? what should we do? i have never been and i need ideas and places to see and visit.

yes, i realize i could google stuff and go on tripadvisor and all that, but i'd rather get some real recommendations from you guys, if you have any (read: i'd rather you do my leg work).



Pickles & Dimes said...

I went there in 1999 and stayed in some bed & breakfasts that were OK, but nothing I'd recommend. One was so tiny, that if you were sitting on the toilet, your knees touched the bathroom door.

So basically, I've got nothing to recommend. Except to not buy an outlet adapter from Best Buy, because it will cause your curling iron to burst into flames.

Becky75 said...

Tom and I have London travel books from when we went in college. I even know where they are! :) -Beckay