Friday, January 04, 2008

boston fans only!

ha! that is the sign my nephew read (or rather, SHOUTED) to me tonight before going to sleep. we're keeping him overnight tonight for my sis and he sleeps in tom's "man room."

the name is in quotes because it is SO NOT a man room. i promised him when we rented the apartment that the second bedroom could be his man room to decorate as poorly as he'd like with NO INPUT from me. well, life happened (or, more accurately, life stopped) and my mom died. mel and hunter shacked up with us for a while and the man room became their room.

once they flew the coop, i promised yet again to give him the room. well, then we got engaged so it became "the wedding crap room" -- nothing manly about that. ok, wedding came and went, but then CHRISTMAS came and it transformed into wedding-crap-we-need-to-get-rid-of SLASH christmas-presents-and-wrapping-paper room. complete with a closet full of piece-of-shit-crinoline and balled-up-wedding-gown.

it also has a futon that doubles as hunter's bed when we keep him overnight, so there is a toybox and a bookshelf filled with our books and hunter's books.

the only stuff that sort of even makes the room even slightly resemble a "man room" is the panoramic framed print of fenway during the 2004 ring ceremony, a 2007 world series parking sign and a book with a cover reading................ BOSTON FANS ONLY!!!

by the way, did i mention hunter is learning how to read? it is completely insane to watch him SOUND OUT WORDS and. like, READ. READING, i said. i don't understand how it makes me so ridiculously proud and incredulous to watch him learn this skill. he read two books to us tonight:
  • where are the dogsharks? (side note: what the fuck is a dogshark? way to confuse a level one reader with a MADE UP ANIMAL)
  • bug stew (dudes, he completely housed this one and i thought he would have trouble. HE KNEW BUMBLEBEES! that is a long-ass word.

ok, i'm going to say what you're all thinking. if this kid is my nephew, i'm going to be one obnoxious mother when i have my own kids.

if i have time to teach them to read between all the wine fetching they'll have to do. chores are good for kids, right?!

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