Thursday, January 03, 2008

who else is sick?

am i the only one who is on antibiotics for the second time in six weeks? just checking. did i mention that both times are for TEN DAYS? at least the first time (double ear infection and sinus infection) it was just one pill a day. this time (strep throat) it's one pill TWICE a day. what the hell? between that, my vitamin and the several thousand advil i ingest to combat minor aches and pains, i'm a bonafide Pill Popper.

not excited about this. i'm also not excited that i don't have anything better to blog about today. 2008 has not started off as the Year of the Blog for me. but i am adding to my very short list of resolutions to blog at least five times a week.

so far, so boring. maybe i should try to make the blog WORTH reading five times a week.

ugh. pill time.

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