Thursday, January 10, 2008

waaaait a second...

ok, i am in a possible predicament. yesterday i stopped at target and purchase a dirt devil kone (because i am just that stylish, ok?!) and last night when tom was prattling on about something to do with our Very Nutritious Dinner (boneless buffalo wings and french fries. AND BEER!), i realized i didn't bring the dirt devil in with me.

this morning i took the jeep to work instead of my death mobile so now i'm paranoid about where the dirt devil is. i KNOW i paid for it. i KNOW i put it in my cart. what i cannot remember is whether i left it in the car or if i left it IN THE CART. can you fucking imagine if i left it in cart? merry late christmas, random target shopper! i hope my CREDIT CARD RECEIPT IS IN THERE, TOO!

i'm hoping i just left it in the car, but it would be my luck to just leave it at the store. what an asshole i am.

please make me feel better. tell me you've done something even remotely as stupid.

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Tessie said...

I've found tons of groceries in the trunk of my car days or even WEEKS after the fact. I've even found MEAT in there after two days. AHHHH!