Monday, March 17, 2008

i completely forgot

to mention that we now have FREE starbucks at work. complete with flavor shots. ohhhhh yeah! notice this is the second post in one day. this is NOT a coincidence. also? i didn't even MENTION the st. patrick's day parade in southie yesterday. paraders included: storm troopers, boba fett, elvis (old, ugly elvis), sam adams and ST. PATRICK HIMSELF. a guy was walking by us with a twelve-pack of sam and dropped it. it's like the entire parade screeched to a halt. the crashing of the glass and the beer just pouring out of the cardboard. people were actually offering condolences.

also, we did stand right in front of a wicked awesome roast beef shack. i love boston.


Brett said...

is your phone from 1989?

stephanie said...

my work phone? dude, i'm LUCKY if it's from the 80s.

Daycare Girl said...

free starbucks at work? that really makes me wish I got to leave the house during the day!

I get things like free snot and poop.