Monday, March 17, 2008


this is a conversation between my project manager and me via IM a few minutes ago:

me [10:27 AM]: the nav... will that be fixed?
pm [10:27 AM]: i don't think so...
me[10:27 AM]: wait, it WON'T be fixed? It has to be fixed.
me [10:27 AM]: I'm not leaving it like this for a week.
pm [10:28 AM]: hey take it easy.....i am looking into it now...

um, did he just tell me to TAKE IT EASY!??!?! dude is lucky he's in europe or he'd be receiving a drop kick. i do not respond well to that sort of behavior. ask my husband how i respond when he tells me i need "to relax." cue: the apocolypse.

also, happy st. patrick's day. tom and i went with his family to see celtic woman on friday night at the casino and it was... long. but people were JAMMING to this stuff. i thought it would be like an hour of yodeling, but no. it was an hour of yodeling and fiddling and then. AN INTERMISSION. then another hour of yodeling and fiddling. i thought the fiddler girl was either going to get her hair caught in the bow OR fall of the damned stage, she was hopping all over so much.

tom called me this morning and sang (one of their gems from friday): "aaarre you going to scarborough faaaaair? parsley, saaaaaage rosemary and twwwwiiiine!"

he said twine.

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